Stamford Red Lion Square Improvements

Stamford Red Lion Square

Stamford Red Lion Square

The Red Lion Square improvement scheme will see the current paving setts in the square replaced with a longer-lasting, easier-to-maintain type of stone and foundation. This will make the surface more robust while increasing safety and maintaining its heritage look.

Aims and Benefits

  • Increase safety for pedestrians and road users
  • Construct a paved area that is easy to maintain and will last
  • Prevent cracking and shifting of the stone paving
  • Save time, money and disruption in the future
  • Upgrade the road surface to protect the current aesthetic of the area

Cost and Funding

The scheme will cost up to £1.4 million and will be fully funded by Lincolnshire County Council.


  • October 2021: Scrutiny committee and executive approval
  • May 2022: Construction begins
  • October 2022*: Project complete

*All future dates are projected and subject to change dependent on external factors.