Plan for the worst in a hybrid working world!

Workspace at home  with a laptop

Whether your staff are based at home, at your premises or a mixture of the two, it’s important to have plans in place so you can continue to operate, in any circumstances.

This year, Business Continuity Awareness Week is focused on making organisation’s aware of what they can do to prepare for emergencies in a Hybrid Working World.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of creating workplaces that are able to adapt and react immediately to changes in any circumstances.

Workspaces are now required to meet the evolving needs, wants, and safety measures of employees, whilst ensuring that business continuity is maintained.

Having a resilient workplace and infrastructure now extends to the office, factory, home and other remote working locations. Investing in a long-term hybrid workplace strategy, will make organisations better-placed to improve their business continuity and resilience.

It’s also important to consider how to embed Business Continuity plans and raise awareness amongst staff, including making people aware of their individual responsibilities.

Here are four things you can do to make the most of Business Continuity Awareness Week:

  1. Review documents and plans with your team. You can contact the Emergency Planning and Business Continuity Service with any queries on [email protected]
  2. Take part in some online cyber security awareness training sessions. This top tips for staff course only takes 30 minutes to complete and is provided for free by the National Cyber Security Centre - Top tips for staff - Overview (
  3. Organise refresher training and exercise some of your business continuity plans. ‘Exercise in a box’ is provided free by the National Cyber Security Centre and you don’t have to be an expert in exercising to use it! - Exercise in a Box (
  4. Get involved with sessions from the Business Continuity Institute. Create an account if you haven’t already got one to be able to access all of these resources and webinars on the BCI website.

For more information on Business Continuity or being prepared for emergencies, please visit the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum website Business Continuity – Lincolnshire Resilience Forum.

Published: 12th May 2022