Emergency Road Closure in place: A16 south of Crowland, Spalding

A16 Emergency closure

Lorry fire leaves the road surface melted after severe heat and materials damage both sides of the major route.

Following a lorry fire on the A16 south of the Crowland roundabout that effected both sides of the carriageway, the road is now closed for an emergency repair.  

The temperatures involved in the fire were so high that they melted the surface of the road and various materials from the lorry itself fused with the road surface. 

Emergency engineering teams are currently working to get the road back in commission as quickly as possible, but this is a large-scale job that will mean a complete resurface of the affected area. 

What this means is that the road will be closed today (Friday), Saturday, Sunday and is due to reopen at some time on Monday. At the moment it is not possible to give an exact time of when the road is going to reopen due to the nature of the damage.  

Richard Fenwick, head of highways asset and local management services for LCC said: 

“The severity of the fire and the amount of damage it caused across both sides of the carriageway has meant that we simply cannot operate this road at the moment.

“We have emergency teams working hard to get this road repaired and back in order for the road users who use this route. Naturally, we are working as quickly as we can, but a large repair such as this will take a few days to complete.

“In the meantime, a diversionary route will be in place with clear signage to direct traffic around the area. Whilst this is happening, I would like to thank everyone for their patience as we carry out this urgent repair.” 

For the latest information on road closures and works happening on the road network across Lincolnshire in live timing as it’s happening, visit: www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/roadworks.

Published: 13th May 2022