Spalding Western Relief Road June update

SWRR June update

Piling works for new bridge underway

What we achieved in March/April/May

  • Construction of highways drainage retention pond
  • Earthworks, including topsoil stripping and tree stump removal, at locations across site
  • Test piles completed and the results analysed
  • Initial deconstruction of old Two Plank Footbridge
  • Piling platform works for bridge abutments and piers
  • Drainage and ducting works at new Spalding Road roundabout
  • Ground investigation works for north section of site
  • Spalding Road roundabout foundation stone placed
  • Concrete slab to protect gas main completed
  • Piling works for the eastern structural embankments up to the bridge

What's happening in June/July/August

  • Continue drainage works at the western side of train line
  • Continue deconstruction of Two Plank Bridge
  • Complete piling works for the eastern structural embankments up to the bridge
  • Install abutment and piers for new bridge
  • Carry out initial static-load pile testing

Current/ongoing traffic restrictions and closures

  • Closure of Two Plank Bridge, its connecting footpath and the footpath on the Wygate estate across the rail line
  • Narrowed lanes on Spalding Road near its junction with Enterprise Way until September 2022

Upcoming traffic restrictions and closures

  • From mid-summer 2022 for up to three months – a combination of road closures and temporary traffic signals to be used as needed, including on Enterprise Way and Spalding Road (specific dates and details will be shared once dates are finalised and confirmed)

Published: 8th June 2022