Could a role in childcare be your next career step?

Childminder sat on the floor reading five children a story, who are sat on a green matt.

More childcare professionals are needed to help give Lincolnshire children a great start in life.

It is widely accepted that the earliest years of a child’s life have the biggest impact on their future. And childcare professionals play a vital role in laying the foundations to help children and families grow and flourish.

However, a recent informal poll of Lincolnshire childcare providers by the council found that over half were having difficulty recruiting new staff, highlighting the need for new people to come forward and consider a career in childcare.

Cllr Mrs Patricia Bradwell OBE, executive member for children’s services, said: “Working in childcare is an opportunity to make a real difference, and it can be very rewarding to see the children grow and develop. Schools often say they can tell which children have had the opportunity to socialise and learn at a nursery or a childminder’s as they often seem to be a step ahead.” 

Childcare professionals come from all walks of life, and there are opportunities for all levels of qualifications and experience.  So whether you have just left school or are considering a change of career later in life visit our webpage for more information and films about starting your career in childcare,, where you’ll find videos of childcare professionals talking about their experiences.

Published: 16th November 2022