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LFR fire appliance

Last year Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue asked residents what they thought were the biggest risks to their safety. 

These views and incident data from Lincolnshire and the UK, has been used to list the biggest risks to Lincolnshire communities.

Chief Fire Officer Mark Baxter, said: “Thanks to everyone who has joined in so far, we know lots of you wanted to find out more! We’ve now got a priority list and want to know if you agree or disagree with it. You can simply tell us what you think the biggest risk to Lincolnshire is, or if you have a few more minutes you can make your own priority list.”

Visit Let's Talk Lincolnshire to rate the risks. Everyone who fills in the survey can choose to be entered into a draw to win a shopping voucher. 

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Ryan Stacey, added: “Look out for the full community risk plan that we will be producing at the end of the year. This is a really detailed look at how we reduce the risk of fires and other emergencies in the county, and help keep everyone safe.”

Each risk is ranked from 1 (minor impact and unlikely) to 25 (catastrophic impact and very likely to happen). 

Risk Average annual incidents attended* Impact** % of public who identified this risk*** Our score
Road traffic collisions, for example a car accident 567 Few deaths but high personal impact 77% 15
Dwelling fires or house fire in a private property/home 366 Few deaths but high personal impacts 63% 15
Terrorist or deliberate attack in a public place 1 Small number but potential to be large scale 4% 12
Flooding, on the coast or caused by sudden heavy rain or severe weather 131 Few deaths but economic and personal costs 33 12
Wildfires, result of very dry weather or out-of-control campfire for example 45 Incidents tend to use a lot of resources and can be costly 29% 9
Non-domestic fires that happen on business premises (not at home) 149 Few deaths but significant costs to economy - 9
Waste recycling centre fires where lots of waste is stored/processed 10 Incidents tend to use a lot of resources and can be costly 17% 9
Heritage fires in historic buildings or with valuable items, such as artwork 34 Many heritage buildings, loss can be significant in communities 6% 8
Health and wellbeing, for example attending a medical emergency 4088 Not a core fire service role but high incidents 37% 5
Deliberate fires or arson, usually small, contained fires  447 Incidents mostly minor and impact low, but disruptive 37% 5
High-rise fires in one of the 19 high rise blocks in Lincolnshire 2 Few in the county and all comply with safety requirements 9% 4
Water risks inland where someone is in a river for example 17 Low incidents  0.2% 3

*    Average over last 5 years in Lincolnshire
**  From a scale of 1 (minor) to 5 (catastrophic)
***As identified in phase one of this project

Published: 16th March 2023