Washingborough Road is open

Washingborough Road

LCC engineers, Internal Drainage Board and local landowner have cleared the flood water left after Storm Babet

LCC Highways has cleared and reopened Washingborough Road, which is now passable for traffic.  

The County Council team has been working extensively with the local landowner and the Internal Drainage Board to put in measures that have helped shift a massive amount of water following Storm Babet. 

Cllr Richard Davies, Executive member for highways said: "It's a huge relief to be able to open this road for all those people effected by the floods in this area.  

"Washingborough Road is a well-used route into Lincoln and onto the Lincoln Eastern Bypass that thousands of drivers travel along every day.  

"I'd like to thank them for their patience whilst our crews have been working tirelessly with the local landowner and the IDB to come up with a solution to the unprecedented high water level.  

"I'd also like to thank our team who have put in so much effort to get the road open again. Whilst it may have, at times, looked like little has been happening at the road itself, the reality is that there has been a huge amount of work going on to sort this as quickly as we can - often further up the surrounding landscape. 

"Our experts have been working extremely hard with the various agencies to try and get the surrounding area water levels to an improved state, from where we could pump out from Washingborough Road without it immediately refilling." 

Published: 10th November 2023