Sleaford’s back on the buses

Sleaford’s back on the buses

50p fare, buses running more frequently and for longer into the evening = time to ditch the car!

Bus users in Sleaford are getting a major boost thanks to a series of measures brought in to get people back on the local buses.

Sleafordian customers can now get around on a special 50p fare, the firm has extended the Monday-to-Friday Into Town services to 8pm (used to be 5pm), buses are now going to Greylees AND services throughout are running every 30 minutes instead of remaining on the previous hourly schedule.

That’s a whole set of advantages now available to get people bussing it around Sleaford.

Cllr Richard Davies, executive member for transport at LCC said:

“This is terrific news for those wishing to travel in Sleaford and take advantage of the local bus service which we are supporting.

“The 50p fare is the first of its kind in our county and having it live now in Sleaford is a real bonus.

"Combine that with the extra run times now scheduled and what Sleafordian has done with our help is a really strong way to encourage people back onto the buses.

“I hope that this scheme is taken up with plenty more people using the buses to get into, and around, Sleaford.”

Further information is available from the LincsBus website.

Published: 13th December 2023