Meet the school children demonstrating recycling changes in South Kesteven

Right Thing, Right Bin

Pupils at Harlaxton and Denton Primary School near Grantham want to help you put the right thing in the right bin.

Keen to help people recycle more, 15 of the school’s pupils made a video – with the help of the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership – explaining what goes in each bin, including the district’s new purple-lidded bin.

South Kesteven is the fifth Lincolnshire district to roll-out the new twin stream recycling collection, following Boston, North Kesteven, East and West Lindsey. In those districts, residents have become such recycling experts that around 90% of all the rubbish they put in their recycling bins at home is exactly the right materials.

Some of the most common things found in recycling bins that shouldn’t be are:

  • Soft plastics like films and bags: these should instead be taken to a recycling point at your local supermarket or put in your black general waste bin. Please also don’t put your recycling in bin bags.
  • Electrical items and batteries: these can cause a fire if you just put them in your bins at home. Please take them to a recycling centre or battery recycling point at supermarkets.
  • Textiles and clothes: why not donate these to a charity shop, or take them to a clothes bank or recycling centre.
  • Takeaway boxes: the grease seeps into the fibres and affects the quality of the cardboard. Please put these in your black general waste bin and not your purple-lidded or silver recycling bins.

Residents are also reminded that no waste or recycling of any kind left next to the bins will be taken in any of the waste collection in South Kesteven from 5 February 2024.

For more information about your purple-lidded bin, and what goes in each bin in South Kesteven, visit

Published: 31st January 2024