Grantham Southern Relief Road April 2024 update

A bird's eye view of the road

The latest update on the Grantham Southern Relief Road.

What we achieved in March

Phase Three

  • West side of site – concreted corbels on western bankseat / installed bridge launch equipment
  • East side of site – completed backfill to east abutment base / began formwork to east abutment / shuttered and concreted Pier 5 crosshead / concreted and started backfilling Pier 6 base

What's happening in April

Phase Three

  • West side of site – install Pier 3 stabilising working platforms
  • East side of site – continue formwork and reinforcement to east abutment wall / cast masking walls and bearing plinths to Pier 5 / add reinforcement and formwork to Pier 6 wall / complete backfilling to Pier 6 base

Current/ongoing traffic restrictions and closures

  • Lane restrictions around the B1174 Roundabout to facilitate the construction of the haul route and access into site

Upcoming traffic restrictions and closures

  • N/A

Published: 2nd April 2024