Spalding Western Relief Road April 2024 update

A bird's eye view of the roundabout

The latest update on the Spalding Western Relief Road.

What we achieved in January/February/March

  • Completed settlement of and continued surcharge removal at the west junction and low height embankment
  • Completed remaining bridge deck pours
  • Completed construction of retaining wall
  • Completed construction of the bridge deck
  • Finished landscaping installation works in 5A
  • Completed speed edging on east and west embankment
  • Started constructing and pouring parapet ground beams

What's happening in April/May/June

  • Install kerbing, drainage and street lighting at western junction
  • Install pre-cast parapet units on top of the wall up to the bridge
  • Carry out roundabout remedials works
  • Tarmac installation of carriageway starting from ch1100
  • Begin Two Plank footbridge pre-construction and construction stages
  • Work on footpath/cycleways and maintenance track on the west side of the site
  • Continue constructing and pouring parapet ground beams

Current/ongoing traffic restrictions and closures

  • Closure of Two Plank Bridge and Blue Gowt Lane
  • Closure of public right of way 15/1 and Two Plank Lane for bridge footpath construction until Summer 2024

Upcoming traffic restrictions and closures

  • Night-time closures of Spalding Road roundabout – dates and details to be confirmed

Published: 2nd April 2024