A16 Springfield Roundabout May update

An overhead view of the roundabout in April 2024

The latest update on the A16 Springfield Roundabout.

What we achieved in April

  • Finished earthworks and drainage in the southeast corner
  • Installed street light ducting in the southeast corner
  • Started installing kerbs in the southeast corner
  • Completed construction of new headwall in the northwest corner
  • Continued topsoiling verges
  • Completed BT diversion in the southeast corner

What’s happening in May

  • Switching to new working areas in the northeast on the A151 and northwest corners
  • Start earthworks and drainage works in the northeast corner, including the addition of a new section of culvert
  • Continue earthworks and drainage in the northwest corner
  • Remove the old footpath and start laying new kerbs in the northeast corner

Current/ongoing traffic restrictions and closures

  • 24/7 barriers at the roundabout, with the current two-lane entries and single-lane exits
  • Ongoing narrowed roundabout lanes

Upcoming traffic restrictions and closures

  • Temporary night-time signals from 13-24 May, 7pm to 6am

Published: 9th May 2024