Cllr Richard Davies welcomes government investment boost of £54.3m for Lincolnshire's roads

Pothole repair to road

The Department for Transport has announced the funding to help with road maintenance and to improve sustainable transport.

Cllr Richard Davies, executive member for highways and transport at Lincolnshire County Council, said:

"With over 5,500 miles of roads across Lincolnshire, this multi-million pound government funding will provide a welcome boost for our road and transport network.

"£54.3m is the total additional government investment in our roads over the last few months, with around a quarter of it being new funding. And whilst much of it we already knew about, any and all additional money is welcome to help us to keep improving our infrastructure. 

"What this will allow us to do is spend more money on roads maintenance – including fixing potholes, repairing pavements, resurfacing and improving our roads.

"We've been determined throughout this time to keep our key highway maintenance schemes going and ensure our roads are safe for key workers and those making essential journeys. We have adapted the way we work to keep crews safe, and to take advantage of quieter roads to carry out bigger projects with less disruption to drivers.

"The other element of this funding is to help bolster sustainable transport. In line with the government's latest advice for those returning to work to try and walk or cycle if they can, we're looking at how we can help support that message and take advantage of the upsurge in people walking and cycling during the lockdown.

"Our largely rural county has its own unique challenges when it comes to sustainable transport, but we're putting together tailored plans for each of our large settlements to help embed active travel into our communities. This Government funding will allow us to accelerate those plans."

The council is proactively looking at areas where temporary and permanent measures could be put in place to make journeys easier and faster for cyclists. This might include extending and joining up existing cycle paths, or creating temporary bike lines in large towns and Lincoln.

The council is also looking at routes to schools to see how walking and cycling routes could be immediately improved to help families when the time comes to return.

Cllr Davies added:

"We need to be sure that whatever measures we put in place will have the right impact and actually be useful to our residents. We're busy assessing what options this funding gives us to encourage people to walk and cycle more as lockdown begins to ease."

Published: 15th May 2020