Lincoln Eastern Bypass update – New road continuing to take shape

Witham Bridges on the Eastern Bypass

Lincoln's eastern bypass, including the new Washingborough Road roundabout, is continuing to take shape ahead of opening later this year.

What we achieved in June

  • Continued drainage and fencing / installed pond liner / kerbing and streetlight ducting works between Wragby Road and Greetwell Road
  • Started drainage works between Greetwell Road and Washingborough Road
  • Completed drainage and kerbing / continued street lighting installation / commenced road surfacing at the new Washingborough Road roundabout
  • Continued drainage and started kerbing and road surfacing between Washingborough and Lincoln Road (Branston)
  • Fabricated permanent parapets for Hawthorn Road footbridge
  • Continued abutments, wing walls and fabrication of bridge deck for Greetwell footbridge
  • Completed concrete string courses / continued backfill / started installation of metal parapets for River Witham Viaduct
  • Continued finishing works for South Delph footbridge
  • Completed structural works for Lincoln Road underpass
  • Constructed wall structure for Hawthorn retaining wall
  • Continued abutment/wing wall works and fabrication of metal deck for Bloxholm Lane footbridge
  • Continued post-excavation archaeological reporting

What's happening in July

  • Begin road surfacing / continue drainage, kerbing , pond lining, street lighting and installing fencing between Wragby Road to Greetwell Road
  • Continue drainage works between Greetwell Road to Washingborough Road
  • Complete road surfacing / continue street lighting installation / begin pond lining and footway edgings at the Washingborough Road roundabout
  • Continue drainage, kerbing and road surfacing between Washingborough and Lincoln Road (Branston)
  • Continue drainage, abutments, backfill and bridge deck fabrication for Greetwell footbridge
  • Complete installation of metal parapets and backfill / begin bridge deck waterproofing and other finishings for River Witham Viaduct
  • Complete finishing works for South Delph footbridge
  • Open new Lincoln Road underpass
  • Carry out drainage and backfill for Hawthorn retaining wall
  • Complete abutment/wing wall works / begin drainage, backfill and concrete string course works for Bloxholm Lane footbridge
  • Continue post-excavation archaeological reporting

Upcoming traffic restrictions and closures

  • N/A

Current/ongoing traffic restrictions and closures

  • Full 24/7 closure of Washingborough Road and Hawthorn Road
  • Full 24/7 closure of Bloxholm Lane and Greetwell Fields Lane (new Bloxholm link off of Sleaford Road open)
  • Temporary speed restrictions on Heighington Road, Greetwell Road, Lincoln Road and Sleaford Road
  • Temporary 200m path diversion on the Sustrans route along the River Witham

*Please note this information is accurate as of the time of publication

Published: 2nd July 2020