Lincolnshire Trading Standards offers advice to wax melt sellers

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If you are thinking of starting to produce and sell wax melts, you will need to ensure that the goods are safe and that they meet legal requirements, warns Trading Standards.

The Trading Standards team has seen an increase in people making and selling wax melts – which are used in a decorative burner to scent the home – and wants business-owners to be aware of their responsibilities when it comes to selling these products.

The laws covering the sale of these goods exist to ensure that:

  • consumers receive adequate warnings and instructions for use
  • consumers are protected from inhaling or touching harmful chemicals
  • goods sold are legal, safe and accurately described
  • fire risks are minimised

Wax melts often produce a fragrance – such as strawberries or chocolate – which mimics food, and some are made in the shape of food items, such as chocolate bars, sweets or cakes.

These can be very tempting to young children who are at risk of choking or asphyxiation, so it also essential that products are designed and labelled in a safe and legal way.

Emma Beckett, Senior Trading Standards officers, said: "Wax melts are becoming increasingly popular, and we're seeing a lot of new people setting up businesses to sell them online.

"As with any business, there are Trading Standards laws you should be aware of. And with these products, there are added safety precautions to take into account.  So if you're looking to set up a new business selling these products, make sure you're acting within the law and keeping your customers safe."

Free guidance and advice relating to Trading Standards legislation can be found online at

If you are thinking of starting a business making and supplying these products, please contact Trading Standards for advice.

If you have concerns about any business acting in a way they shouldn't, you can report them to Citizens Advice on the consumer helpline 0808 223 1133, or visit

Published: 18th November 2020