A46 Dunholme/Welton Roundabout update – On-site works carry on into the new year

Welton update

Upcoming works include the commissioning of the new water mains, excavating 1,000 tons of earth, laying of kerbs, and lots more.

What we achieved in December

  • Commissioned new BT cables and removed old cables
  • Continued drainage works, including building new gullies and manholes
  • Laid 1,000 tonnes of new tarmac
  • Completed street lighting foundations

What's happening in January

  • Commission new Anglian Water mains
  • Lay final 80m of kerbing for the new Lincoln Road
  • Excavate final 1,000 tonnes of earth for new ditches at Lincoln Road
  • Demolish and remove sections of A46 to allow the new roundabout approach to be constructed and the old concrete foundation to be removed
  • Lay new kerbs on the A46 from Horncastle Lane to the new roundabout
  • Continue drainage works, including building new gullies and manholes

Current/Ongoing traffic restrictions and closures

  • Temporary 30mph speed limit on the A46
  • Full road closure of Lincoln Road Welton until mid-March
    • Diversion via Honeyholes Lane / Ryland Road / Lincoln Road Dunholme / A46, and vice versa
  • Right-turn ban from A15 onto Heath Lane into Welton and from Heath Lane onto A15 until mid-March
  • Temporary traffic signals, as required, from 9:30am to 3:30pm as required until mid-January

Upcoming traffic restrictions and closures

  • Temporary 24/7 traffic signals on the A46 from mid-January 2021 to the end of the works
  • Full closure of Horncastle Lane, at its junction with the A46, from 20th January for two months
  • Diversion via the A46 to Nettleham Roundabout then to the A46/A15 Riseholme Roundabout; then the A15 to the A15-A1500 Roundabout (which joins with the other end of Horncastle Lane), and vice versa

Published: 4th January 2021