National lockdown announcement

Lockdown graphic

The government has announced that the country is in another full lockdown.

Cllr Martin Hill, leader of Lincolnshire County Council, said: "With the new variant causing infection rates to rapidly increase and with hospitals across the country under extreme pressure, it became inevitable that this would happen.

"We realise this will be hugely difficult news for us all, for some more than others and I'm thinking particularly of those living on their own, older people and those with health problems.

"However, we can't ignore the stark picture before us, and I urge everyone to stick to the new restrictions. Stay at home and don't mix with others apart from your own household or bubble. Keep to the hands, face, space guidelines, and, if you develop any symptoms, no matter how mild, then please self-isolate and get tested.

"Please do get out and exercise as it's important that you maintain your health and wellbeing at this most difficult of times.

"The new vaccine means we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, let's not be complacent and let things slip, as we aren't out of the woods yet. The vaccines are effective, even after a single dose, in protecting the most vulnerable people from becoming seriously ill and when these people in our families are vaccinated then life will begin to return to normal.

"I'd like to wish you all a happy New Year, and remind everyone to be safe and stick to the rules."

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Published: 5th January 2021