Protecting Lincolnshire's local heritage

Freiston Shore Battery war shelter from north 1991
Freiston Shore Battery war shelter from north 1991

A new project is underway to help protect Lincolnshire's local heritage.

Lincolnshire has been chosen to take part in a national scheme to help better understand and enhance existing records of our locally important buildings, monuments and places. 

Funded by the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), the local heritage list campaign will be rolled out in all 10 authorities in Greater Lincolnshire.

Ian George, historic places manager at Lincolnshire County Council, explains: "This is such an important project – enabling us to have a record of all the locally important heritage assets across Lincolnshire.

"So, it is capturing information about buildings, structures, monuments, sites, places, areas or landscapes which residents think are important, but which don’t have national 'listed' status and legal protection.

"It might be a village pump, or an old village smithy or unique bridge across a local beck.

"This list will have real power in planning and development, and will also feed into the national 'Build Beautiful' Commission – helping to protect our historic environment and ensure that new developments are created in keeping with local character through design codes."

"Over the coming months, we will begin to work with local residents, parish councils and local authorities to develop a local listing criteria, which will help us build up a picture of what people think should be included in the local list."

When completed, the list will be available to the public through the Historic Environment Record (HER), which is run and held by Lincolnshire County Council.

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Published: 30th March 2021