Grantham Southern Relief Road update – Phase Three works now officially underway


Works for May include drainage and ducting across the entire site, installation of bridge foundations, and post evacuation archaeological reporting.

What we achieved in April

Phase Two

  • Continued drainage works across the entire site
  • Started signage and street light installation
  • Began earthworks for the landscaped areas of site
  • Started construction of wingwalls for the new A1/B1174 connection
  • Carry out drainage and ducting works / install street lighting and signage / carry out surface water channel works on the A1

Phase Three

  • Began stripping top soil across the entire site
  • Completed spring intercept drainage and continued outfall works
  • Continued haul road construction and B1174 ramp works
  • Completed site clearance of tree stumps and other remaining vegetation
  • Continued post-excavation archaeological reporting

What's happening in May

Phase Two

  • Continue drainage and ducting works across the entire site
  • Excavate under the new underpass
  • Close off and infill the existing underpass
  • Carry final bridge deck works and continue tying into the existing carriageway

Phase Three

  • Carry out drainage works to the west of the railway
  • Continue haul road construction on the west and east sides of site
  • Continue B1174 ramp works and piling platforms on the west side of site
  • Install haul bridge foundations / complete topsoil stripping / carry out bulk earthworks to the east side of site
  • Continue post-excavation archaeological reporting

Current/ongoing traffic restrictions and closures

  • 50mph speed limit and narrowed lanes on the A1 between Harlaxton to Little Ponton
  • On-going lane closures on the B1174 roundabout until the end of the scheme

Upcoming traffic restrictions and closures

  • Occasional off-peak lane restrictions on the B1174 roundabout, as needed

Published: 4th May 2021