Recycling is changing: Separate paper and card collections and cleaner recycling for North Kesteven residents to begin in Autumn

Purple bin

Residents in North Kesteven will receive a new purple-lidded recycling bin for clean and dry paper and card next month.

This District-wide roll-out comes after the hugely successful trial last year where residents from ten areas including Cranwell village, Walcott, Timberland and RAF Digby, put clean, dry paper and card in a separate purple bin and improved the quality of the rest of their recycling.

Over the 12 month trial period, over 187 tonnes of clean and dry paper and card were collected, with over 98% of residents putting their purple bins out each month.

The paper mills reported that 98.5% of the paper and card collected was great quality for recycling. The quality of the other items in the green-lidded bins has also significantly improved.

Cllr Richard Wright, leader of North Kesteven District Council, explains: "I'm pleased that we can now extend the improved recycling collections, including separate paper and card collection to all remaining households in North Kesteven.

"These collections worked exceptionally well in the trial areas and I’d like to thank all the residents who took part and made it such a success.

"We know this is a change for residents across the District, so to help we will be sharing information directly with all households in advance including a calendar and a clear recycling guide showing which materials go in your green-lidded bin and new purple-lidded bin

"A dedicated team will be on hand to help and give advice and guidance over the phone, via email and out in the community supporting this project.

“We’ll also share information through our social media channels and website to help answer any questions residents may have and via regular waste e-newsletters which residents can sign up for at – this is the ideal opportunity for you to use this service to receive regular and real time information direct to your inbox.

"We’ll also look at other methods of engaging with residents to help provide as much information as possible.

"We expect to start delivering the new purple-lidded paper and card bins from Monday 2 August and this will take approximately four weeks.

"By putting the right thing in the right bin and keeping paper and card separate in these new purple-lidded bins, we can all help lower contamination and make sure more items can be recycled.”

Cllr Daniel McNally, executive councillor for waste and recycling at Lincolnshire County Council, said: "COVID and lockdown has meant that homes have increased levels of cardboard packaging to dispose of, so we know people are finding these bins really useful.

"For us, it means the paper and card can be kept clean and dry and then can be sent to a dedicated processor in the UK.

"This saves many road miles, reduces carbon emissions and enables a product to be created which can be reused and recycled again."

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Published: 19th July 2021