Tackling climate change

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Leading the way in Lincolnshire - contributing to a carbon neutral target.

November's Climate Change Conference (COP26) is expected to be the biggest climate change summit the UK has ever hosted and it is billed as the most significant climate event since the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Here, we take a look at the goals of COP26, and highlight the changes we are making in Lincolnshire to help achieve those goals.

UK Goal 1: Secure global net zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 degrees within reach

How are we helping? We've committed to be net zero by 2050, or sooner if practicably possible. We plan to cut our emissions by 68 per cent by 2025 – five years earlier than the UK Government's plan.

  • we've been investing in energy efficient  and carbon reducing technology in our schools, offices and fire stations - air source heat pumps, LED lighting, improved insulation levels and solar PV panels
  • we're changing all street-lights in the county to LED
  • we've installed electric vehicle charging points at our main offices and at local fire stations
  • we're sending our waste to an energy from waste facility near Lincoln, where it is incinerated to generate electricity
  • we're using new technology to reduce the need to travel to meetings
  • we're looking at smart grids and how on-demand schemes can reduce carbon emissions

UK Goal 2: Adapt to protect communities and natural habitats

How are we helping?

  • we're finding new ways to manage water – creating large-scale nature recovery projects and schemes to restore wetland habitats
  • we're managing our verges in different ways, encouraging more pollinator species, which not only gives them new habitats, but also helps to maintain our crops - vitally important in our county's food production
  • we're working with partners and local communities to ensure that there are 750,000 trees planted across Lincolnshire in the next few years

UK Goal 3: Financing for change

How are we helping?

  • over the past 12 years we've invested over £3 million in energy efficient technologies and we've reduced our own carbon emissions by 55 per cent  compared to 1990 levels
  • we're allocating £350,000 to our green masterplan, and giving extra funding environmental elements on projects which will reduce carbon emissions
  • we're actively bidding for more money to help us - through the decarbonisation fund, carbon credits, carbon sequestration funds and Treescape funds

UK goal 4: Working together to deliver

How are we helping?

Cllr Colin Davie, executive member for environment, said: "We're leading the way in Lincolnshire in cutting our carbon emissions. We’re proud of the work we've done so far, and we are committed to go further in the future. We are collaborating with other councils, businesses and residents to make a real difference. "

  • we're working with Delta Simons to create the first zero-carbon heritage attraction in the country
  • we're working with our district councils to introduce a new separate paper and card collections so the paper can be sent directly to a local paper mill
  • we're working with our highways contractors to help reduce their carbon emissions – our Holdingham roundabout project, near Sleaford, was the first project to use the UK's first battery powered excavator

Published: 20th September 2021