Lincolnshire awarded £20m in Levelling Up funding for A16 improvements

A16 Kirton

The county council's bid to the government's Levelling Up Fund has been successful.

During yesterday’s Spending Review and Autumn Budget, the government announced that Lincolnshire will receive up to £20m towards improving the A16 corridor in Lincolnshire.

Cllr Richard Davies, executive member for highways, said: “This announcement is fantastic news for Lincolnshire, and we very much welcome the government's commitment to ensuring every part of the country gets the funding it needs.

“Now that our bid’s been confirmed, the next step is to complete detailed feasibility studies for each of the improvement projects we included. Once these are complete early next year, the studies will outline the costs, risks and general design requirements for each set of works.

“From there, we’ll move into the detailed design phase, with a view to having the money awarded to us spent by the end of 2024 – the timeframe specified by government.”

The improvements included within the county council’s bid are:

  • A16 / Marsh Lane Junction, Boston: Construction of a dedicated free-flow lane for A16 northbound traffic, which will make it easier for freight vehicles accessing the local industrial estate. An enhanced non-motorised user crossing across Marsh Lane arm will also be built; 
  • A16 / Station Road Junction, Kirton: Enhancement to a fully signalised crossroads and widening and lengthening of both the A16 approaches;
  • A16 / B1180 Junction, Spalding: Widening of the junction extent to provide two wider lanes within the roundabout circulatory along with lengthening the two lane approaches and exits on the A16 arms;
  • A16 / A151 Junction, Spalding: Widening of junction to add additional circulatory lanes, lengthening the two lane approaches and exits on the A16 arm, and the enhancement of the crossing facilities;
  • Wyberton Low Road Active Mode Improvements, Boston: Provision of cycle tracks on London Road, upgraded signalised crossing over the A16, consider a 20mph speed limit with traffic calming measures along Wyberton Low Road with a shared use footpath. The scheme will address the conflict between cycle users and Heavy Goods Vehicles on Marsh Lane through the Riverside Industrial Estate; and
  • A151 Camel Gate Junction Active Mode Improvements, Spalding: Provision of a two-way segregated cycle track on the east side of Camel Gate, signalised crossing, widening of the existing shared use path on Holbeach Road and to improve connections to the Springfield Outlet area.

Cllr Davies added: “Not only will improving the A16 corridor benefit residents by way of better walking and cycling facilities and reduced traffic congestion, but it will also open up the area for further investment opportunities.

“Investing more into improved transport infrastructure is a priority for Greater Lincolnshire, and these works will complement other local transport and renewal projects underway or planned throughout the county.”

Every highways authority in England was able to submit one project from their area to the Levelling Up Fund. Lincolnshire County Council’s submission aims to reduce congestion along the A16 corridor between Boston and Spalding – a key route for the agri-food industry.

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Published: 28th October 2021