Upp full-fibre network now live in Lincolnshire


Broadband provider, Upp, has begun connecting homes to full-fibre in Stamford

Over the last 18 months, we have all witnessed just how vital good broadband is, and many of us have upgraded our packages with broadband providers in the hope of a superior service.

Some have found that even with the premium “superfast fibre” packages, they still struggle at peak times or when too many people in the house are making demands on the router.

This is because superfast fibre is only provided to the cabinet in your town before being delivered via an old-fashioned copper wire to your house.

This is known as Fibre-To-The-Cabinet (FTTC) and ultimately means that your speed depends on how many other homes you are sharing with and how far away from the cabinet you are.

Upp is a provider of Fibre-To-The-Premise (FTTP) connections, which takes an optical fibre from their network and runs it straight into the home, instead of to a cabinet on the street.

This gives a faster and more reliable broadband connection that isn’t shared with the rest of your neighbourhood.

David Welch was the first Stamford resident to be connected to Upp’s new broadband network in the town. He said:

“I took the decision to upgrade our broadband as our internet just hasn’t been good enough to support three of us, working and doing home school at the same time, during the recent lockdowns.

“My wife and I are now both hybrid working, splitting our time between the office and home and it’s pretty embarrassing when the internet crashes to a halt during a meeting with a customer in Singapore.

It’s the superior upload speeds that really sold it to me - that’s what’s going to give us what we need for seamless home working.

“On the installation day, the team were so efficient and got us up and running with zero downtime on our service and minimal disruption.

The best bit though – the speed test – 316Mbps download and upload speed. My son can’t wait to get on his X-box and see what a difference it will make to his gaming capabilities!”

This compares to the Welchs’ previous broadband speeds of 14.4Mbps download and just 0.85Mbps upload.

Upp broadband is already available in selected parts of Stamford and will be expanding its coverage across the county over the coming months. Visit upp.com to find out more information about the service, and when it may be expanding to your area.

Published: 17th November 2021