Grantham Southern Relief Road update – Phase Two drainage complete

Grantham bypass update

What we achieved in December

Phase Two

  • Completed drainage and ducting works across site
  • Completed safety barrier installation across site
  • Completed verge works across site
  • Commenced northbound surfacing works on the A1
  • Continued verge works and installation of road signs and street lights on the A1

Phase Three

  • West side of site – constructed working platform for pier three / carried out piling tests and analyse results / continued bridge abutment works
  • East side of site – completed kerbing and ducting to Somerby Hill Roundabout / continued drainage works at Somerby Hill Roundabout / continue rock processing and main road excavation / installed infiltration trenches to the east of Whalebone Lane

What's happening in January

Phase Two

  • Complete installation of street lights and fencing across site
  • Complete northbound surfacing works and street light installation on the A1

Phase Three

  • West side of site – begin main piling works / continue access track filling on B1174 roundabout / continue bridge abutment and pier works
  • East side of site – continue east embankment work, including level monitoring / continue rock processing and main road excavation / being laying new road surface at Somerby Hill Roundabout

Current/ongoing traffic restrictions and closures

  • 50mph speed limit and narrowed lanes on the A1 between Harlaxton to Little Ponton
  • Ongoing lane closures on the B1174 roundabout until the end of the scheme
  • Temporary traffic signals and lane closures as needed at Somerby Hill Roundabout until Spring 2022

Published: 4th January 2022