Parking enforcement

We are responsible for issuing Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) when motorists contravene:

  • on-street parking restrictions
  • coastal countryside car park restrictions

We also manage and review:

District councils manage and enforce restrictions in council-owned car parks.

View all on-street parking restrictions in Lincolnshire

If you have received a penalty charge notice (PCN), you can pay it or challenge it.

Report nuisance parking

If on-street parking restrictions are in place, you can report the issue to us.

Report nuisance parking

Parking statistics and reports

For details about PCNs issued in Lincolnshire, view our interactive maps.

You can also view our annual reports.

Parking bay suspensions

We can suspend enforceable parking bays to allow for:

  • statutory works
  • highways work
  • provide a pedestrian walkway
  • construction works
  • assist tree services
  • certain events

You must submit your application at least 21 days in advance.

Apply for a parking bay suspension

A bay suspension request does not guarantee the bay will be clear of vehicles. We advise the company requesting a bay suspension, especially in a resident permit area, to carry out an advertising campaign/letter drop to ensure that local residents are aware of the suspension and to request that they do not park in the suspended bay during the works.

What happens next?

We may contact you with further questions before we grant a suspension.

We may place conditions on how a suspended parking bay is used.

If approved, we will put warning notices in place at least one week prior the start of the suspension.

Suspensions can last for a maximum of 28 days. For periods longer than 28 days, you must apply for a temporary Traffic Restriction Order.

Vehicles parked in a suspended area may still receive a Penalty Charge Notice. 

Find out how to pay or challenge a Penalty Charge Notice.

Waiver permits

A waiver permit allows a person or company to be exempt from some parking restrictions. 

Traders must display one when parking on a road with restrictions. We do not issue them to private motor vehicles. Each waiver permit must  be issued to a specific vehicle.

They do not apply to utility companies carrying out emergency works.

We may issue a permit where:

  • constant access to a vehicle is vital to carry out works
  • parking close to a premises is essential for work demands

A waiver permit generally allows the user to park in:

  • time-limited waiting bays
  • resident permit bays

We may allow one for a single yellow line, if no loading restrictions are in force.

We do not usually grant permission to park: 

  • on double yellow lines
  • in bays designated for specific vehicle classes, such as disabled or loading bays

How to apply

Each permit costs £20.

There is a limit of six permits per application. This is only granted if the location allows. If you need more, you must email before you apply.

You must give us at least five working days notice to process your application.  If you require a waiver permit for emergency works email prior to submitting your application.

You need to apply to extend or amend an existing permit. This will cost £20.

Apply for a waiver permit

Once a waiver has been issued:

  • it is only valid for parking as stated on the permit
  • you must print it in colour and put it on display at all times
  • you must not deposit goods on the footpath
  • you may get a Penalty Charge Notice if we believe you are abusing the rules

We may revoke a parking waiver for any reason we see fit, such as suspected misuse. We also have the right to refuse an application at any time.

Resident parking

The district councils manage existing resident parking schemes in Lincoln, Sleaford and Stamford.

However, we are responsible for all new resident parking schemes, including one in Louth.

For more details, read our resident parking policy.

Louth scheme

Only one permit is allowed per household.

To use this scheme, you must: 

  • live in a property in Louth that it covers
  • create a resident account and apply for a permit online
  • apply for vouchers online to book any visitors


For more details, email