Land charge searches

A land charge search is normally requested when buying or leasing land or property.

It is used to find out whether a property or land:

  • has any charges against it
  • is served by a public highway
  • has future developments close by

We deal with highway extent searches and the parts of the Con 29 form. The highway extent search provides information about the extent of the highway maintained by us. This can include the road, footpath and verges.

Request a land search

For a full local authority or local land charges register search contact your district or borough Council.


All Con29 fees include VAT (at the standard rate of 20%).  VAT is not charged on extent of highway letters.


  • roads - £8
  • public right of ways - £10
  • land - £3
  • roadworks - £3
  • drainage - £7
  • road schemes - £6
  • traffic schemes - £7
  • notices - £4


  • private schemes - £3
  • pipelines - £3
  • floods and water - £6
  • common land - £12

Extent of highway letters

We will provide one A4 plan. If a larger plan is required we will let you know this before beginning work, and also any additional costs this may incur.

  • basic (plan only) - £55
  • A3 plan or extra questions - £65

Some information is available to inspect free of charge. You can view the roads that we maintain using