Book a white asbestos disposal

We offer a white asbestos disposal service which must be booked in advance. You are allowed two asbestos deposits per household, per year.

There are specialist asbestos disposal locations in:

  • Lincoln
  • Skegness

Please note, these locations are not the same as the household waste recycling centres and asbestos cannot be taken to a household waste recycling centre. We will let you know the details of the specialist asbestos disposal locations when you book.

After you have submitted your booking, we will email you to confirm if it has been approved and send you a bag to put your asbestos in.

You must put the asbestos in the bag provided.

When you arrive at site, report directly to reception. You will be asked to handle the asbestos from your vehicle to the area indicated by site staff.

You must ensure that:

  • only white (chrysotile) bonded asbestos is being disposed of
  • it is sealed inside the bag provided and weighs no more than 20kg

If you do not follow the restrictions, your asbestos will not be accepted.

Book a white asbestos disposal

We may reject or ask you to amend your booking if the date or time you have selected is not available.