Lincolnshire Safeguarding Adults Board

Team Around the Adult

We support the approach offered through:

  • the Vulnerable Adult Panel
  • or similar District Council multi disciplinary meeting

We aim to work with complex cases. 

The process is overseen by an appointed Principal Practitioner. They will act as coordinator. 

It will involve the appointment of a Lead Professional, who will usually be the key worker. They will:

  • engage with the individual
  • promote multi-agency working
  • utilise a shared IT system

This may be through a case discussion or consultation. The coordinators can be contacted at They will respond within 48 hours.

A creative multi agency approach aims is to achieve change where more traditional methods don't work.

You can find out more about what we do in the TAA Operating Procedures and the E-CINS Operating Procedures. Also view our Revised Triage Tool for more information. 

Stephen’s Story

Stephen is 73 years of age and throughout his career he has had responsibility for other people's well-being.  When he found himself on the receiving end of services, he felt many emotions such as failure and embarrassment leading to a subsequent withdrawal. 
His circumstances had changed when his marriage broke down, and he found himself living alone and isolated from support.  He turned to alcohol for comfort, which is where the cycle of self-neglect began. His house deteriorated into a very poor state, his health suffered  and he wouldn't engage with services that could help him. 
In collaboration with the TAA, the Well Being Service adopted a low-key approach working at Stephen's pace to build a relationship with him, to talk through the possible options and to find out what he wanted.  Stephen has now moved and he is settled and happy in his new flat. His desire for a better life coupled with the hard work of the support services around him have resulted in him no longer using alcohol as a coping mechanism. He is settled and happy and is a visibly different man.

Stephen agreed to make a short film to explain his story and Debbie Leigh talks about the role of the TAA and how she worked collaboratively with Stephen and the Well Being Service.

Find out more about Stephen’s story.