School exclusions

Permanent exclusion (expelled)

A permanent exclusion means a pupil cannot return to the school.

If a headteacher expels your child:

  • they must write to you stating the reason
  • the school must formally notify us
  • the school must set and mark work for the first five school days. You must ensure this work is done and sent to the school for marking.
  • from the sixth school day, we must arrange full-time education for your child
  • we will contact you to arrange to discuss the process, your rights and interim education for your child.
  • the school's governing body must meet within 15 school days from the date of the permanent exclusion to review the headteacher's decision. You and your child must be invited to attend.

Appealing against a permanent exclusion

If the school's governing body upholds a decision to permanently exclude your child, you can request an independent panel review.

You will receive a letter from the governing body which explains how you can do this.