School trips and educational visits

Children are expected to attend school trips and educational visits as part of the national curriculum.

Many schools have visits which form the basis of a term’s classroom work.

Paying for school trips

All education during the normal school day is free of charge, whether it takes place on or off site. Schools can request a voluntary contribution towards an educational visit.

If most of the visit is out of school hours, it can be viewed as an 'optional extra'. Parents can be asked to pay for all costs.

Visits which include overnight stays are more complex. Schools can charge for board and lodging, but not for transport or tuition during school time.

Parents in receipt of certain benefits may be exempt from paying for board and lodging. Contact your school to find out if help is available.

Charges or contributions must not exceed the total cost of the visit.

Who to contact

If you have questions about school trips, contact your child's school.

For schools

If you are planning a school trip, you can carry out a risk assessment online.