Stay Safe Partnership

The Stay Safe Partnership offers a one-stop shop for prevention education. Delivering resources and workshops, for education provisions in Lincolnshire from early years to college. 

The partnership of multiple organisations and voluntary agencies delivers:

  • age-appropriate safety workshops
  • staff training
  • e-learning
  • online resources

Our Senior Stay Safe Officer, Dan Hawbrook discusses the Malicious Communication Act and legal implications that can happen from online communications. He talks to parents and carers about what the Malicious Communications Act is, how we can reduce the risk of our children and young people experiencing it online and where to get support. 

The partnership ensures every child within Lincolnshire receives education to keep themselves safe. We deliver workshops and training on the topics of:

  • online safety 
  • healthy relationships
  • alcohol and drug awareness
  • hate crime
  • anti-social behaviour 
  • knife crime
  • fire safety
  • road safety and much more

All education provisions within Lincolnshire can access these resources and workshops.

Parent support

We support parents with the latest trends and parental controls that are accessible, find out more information online. 

Join us online for our next question-and-answer event, which is free to register. 

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All courses and trainers are quality-checked and assured.

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