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School Closures

The decision to close a school is made by its head teacher and the information below will not be updated until they have informed the council.

Contact your child’s school directly if you think it may be closed for any reason. Further information is likely to be available to parents/carers through the school’s own communications channels.


Choose LocationA B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
AlfordJohn Spendluffe AcademyOpen 
AlfordPrimary SchoolOpen 
AlfordQueen Elizabeths Grammar School a selective AcademyOpen 
Allingtonwith Sedgebrook CE Primary SchoolOpen 
AncasterCE Primary SchoolOpen 
BardneyCE and Methodist Primary SchoolOpen 
Barkstonand Syston CE Primary SchoolOpen 
BarrowbyCE Primary SchoolOpen 
BassinghamPrimary SchoolOpen 
BastonCE Primary SchoolOpen 
BaumberThe Lincolnshire Teaching and Learning CentreOpen 
BillingboroughPrimary SchoolOpen 
BillinghayCE Primary SchoolOpen 
BinbrookCE Primary SchoolOpen 
Blyton cum LaughtonCE Primary SchoolOpen 
BostonCarlton Road AcademyOpen 
BostonGrammar SchoolOpen 
BostonHawthorn Tree SchoolOpen 
BostonHigh SchoolOpen 
BostonJohn Fielding SchoolOpen 
BostonNursery SchoolOpen 
BostonCommunity Primary SchoolOpen 
BostonPark Academy SchoolOpen 
BostonPioneers’ Free School AcademyOpen 
BostonSaint Marys R C Primary SchoolOpen 
BostonSt Nicholas CE Primary SchoolOpen 
BostonSt Thomas CE Primary SchoolOpen 
BostonStaniland AcademyOpen 
BostonThe Haven High Technology CollegeOpen 
BostonThe Lincolnshire Teaching and Learning CentreOpen 
BostonThe Pilgrim SchoolOpen 
BostonTower Road AcademyOpen 
BostonWest AcademyOpen 
BourneAbbey Church of England Primary AcademyOpen 
BourneElsea Park Church of England AcademyOpen 
BourneGrammar SchoolOpen 
BourneWestfield Primary SchoolOpen 
BourneWilloughby SchoolOpen 
Bracebridge HeathSt Johns Primary SchoolOpen 
BranstonCE Infant SchoolOpen 
BranstonCommunity AcademyOpen 
BranstonJunior AcademyOpen 
Brant BroughtonCE and Methodist Primary SchoolOpen 
BrocklesbyPark Primary SchoolOpen 
BucknallPrimary SchoolOpen 
Burgh le MarshSt Peter and St Paul CE Primary SchoolOpen 
ButterwickPinchbecks Endowed CE Primary SchoolOpen 
BythamsPrimary SchoolOpen 
CaistorCE and Methodist Primary SchoolOpen 
CaistorGrammar School AcademyOpen 
CaistorYarborough AcademyOpen 
CaythorpePrimary SchoolOpen 
Chapel St LeonardsPrimary SchoolOpen 
Cherry WillinghamThe Priory Pembroke AcademyOpen 
Cherry WillinghamPrimary SchoolOpen 
ClaypoleCE Primary SchoolOpen 
ColebyCE Primary SchoolOpen 
ColsterworthCE Primary SchoolOpen 
ConingsbySt Michaels CE Primary SchoolOpen 
Corby GlenCommunity Primary SchoolOpen 
Corby GlenWest Grantham Academy Charles ReadOpen 
CorringhamCE Primary SchoolOpen 
CowbitSt Marys CE Primary SchoolOpen 
CranwellPrimary SchoolOpen 
CrowlandSouth View Community Primary SchoolOpen 
Deeping St JamesCommunity Primary SchoolOpen 
Deeping St JamesLinchfield Community Primary SchoolOpen 
Deeping St NicholasPrimary SchoolOpen 
DentonCE SchoolOpen 
DigbyCE SchoolOpen 
DigbyThe Tedder Primary SchoolOpen 
DoningtonCowley Endowed Primary SchoolOpen 
Donington on BainSchoolOpen 
DoningtonThe Thomas Cowley High SchoolOpen 
DunholmeSt Chads CE Primary SchoolOpen 
DunstonSt Peters CE Primary SchoolOpen 
EagleCommunity Primary SchoolOpen 
EdenhamCE SchoolOpen 
FaldingworthCommunity Primary SchoolOpen 
FiskertonCE Primary SchoolOpen 
FleetFleet Wood Lane SchoolOpen 
FriskneyAll Saints Church of England Primary SchoolOpen 
FrithvillePrimary SchoolOpen 
FulstowCommunity Primary SchoolOpen 
GainsboroughBenjamin Adlard Community SchoolOpen 
GainsboroughCastle Wood AcademyOpen 
GainsboroughCharles Baines Community Primary SchoolOpen 
GainsboroughLea Frances Olive Anderson CE Primary SchoolOpen 
GainsboroughMercer’s Wood AcademyOpen 
GainsboroughNursery SchoolOpen 
GainsboroughParish Church Primary SchoolOpen 
GainsboroughQueen Elizabeths High SchoolOpen 
GainsboroughSt Georges CE Community Primary SchoolOpen 
GainsboroughThe Aegir Community SchoolOpen 
GainsboroughThe Lincolnshire Teaching and Learning CentreOpen 
GainsboroughThe Trent Valley AcademyOpen 
GainsboroughWarren Wood Community SchoolOpen 
GainsboroughWhite’s Wood AcademyOpen 
GedneyChurch End Primary SchoolOpen 
GedneyDrove End SchoolOpen 
GedneyHill CE Primary SchoolOpen 
GipseyBridge AcademyOpen 
GosbertonClough and Risegate Primary SchoolOpen 
GosbertonHouse AcademyOpen 
GranthamAmbergate Sports College Specialist Education CentreOpen 
GranthamBelmont Community Primary SchoolOpen 
GranthamBelton Lane Community Primary SchoolOpen 
GranthamCliffedale Primary SchoolOpen 
GranthamGonerby Hill Foot CE Primary SchoolOpen 
GranthamHarrowby CE Infant SchoolOpen 
GranthamHuntingtower Community Primary AcademyOpen 
GranthamKesteven and Grantham Girls SchoolOpen 
GranthamLittle Gonerby CE Infant SchoolOpen 
GranthamPriory Ruskin AcademyOpen 
GranthamSaint Marys Catholic Primary SchoolOpen 
GranthamSandon SchoolOpen 
GranthamSt Annes CE Primary SchoolOpen 
GranthamThe Isaac Newton Primary SchoolOpen 
GranthamThe Kings School a Selective AcademyOpen 
GranthamThe Lincolnshire Teaching and Learning CentreOpen 
GranthamThe National CE Junior SchoolOpen 
GranthamThe Phoenix SchoolOpen 
GranthamThe Walton Girls High School AcademyOpen 
GranthamWyndham Park Nursery SchoolOpen 
GranthamWest Grantham Academy Earl Of DysartOpen 
GranthamWest Grantham Academy St John’sOpen 
GranthamWest Grantham Academy St Hugh’sOpen 
GrasbyAll Saints CE Primary SchoolOpen 
Great GonerbySt Sebastians CE Primary SchoolOpen 
Great PontonCE SchoolOpen 
Great SteepingPrimary SchoolOpen 
GrimoldbyPrimary SchoolOpen 
HackthornCE Primary SchoolOpen 
Halton HolegateCE Primary SchoolOpen 
HarlaxtonCE Primary SchoolOpen 
HeckingtonSt Andrews CE Primary SchoolOpen 
HeighingtonMillfield Primary AcademyOpen 
Hemswell CliffPrimary SchoolOpen 
HillcrestEarly Years AcademyOpen 
HogsthorpePrimary AcademyOpen 
HolbeachBank Primary SchoolOpen 
HolbeachPrimary AcademyOpen 
HolbeachSt Marks CE Primary SchoolOpen 
HolbeachUniversity AcademyOpen 
HolbeachWilliam Stukeley VA Primary SchoolOpen 
Holton le ClayInfants SchoolOpen 
Holton Le ClayJunior SchoolOpen 
HorblingBrowns CE Primary SchoolOpen 
HorncastleBanovallum SchoolOpen 
HorncastleCommunity Primary SchoolOpen 
HorncastleQueen Elizabeths Grammar SchoolOpen 
HorncastleSt Lawrence SchoolOpen 
HuttoftPrimary SchoolOpen 
InghamPrimary SchoolOpen 
IngoldsbyPrimary SchoolOpen 
KeelbyPrimary SchoolOpen 
KelseyPrimary SchoolOpen 
Kirkby la ThorpeCE Primary SchoolOpen 
Kirkby on BainCE Primary SchoolOpen 
KirtonThomas Middlecott AcademyOpen 
KirtonPrimary SchoolOpen 
LangtoftPrimary SchoolOpen 
LeadenhamCE Primary SchoolOpen 
LeasinghamSt Andrews CE Primary SchoolOpen 
LegbourneEast Wold CE Primary SchoolOpen 
LegsbyPrimary SchoolOpen 
LincolnAthena SchoolOpen 
LincolnBirchwood Junior SchoolOpen 
LincolnBishop King CE Community Primary SchoolOpen 
LincolnBracebridge Infant and Nursery SchoolOpen 
LincolnCarlton AcademyOpen 
LincolnCastle AcademyOpen 
LincolnChrists Hospital AcademyOpen 
LincolnErmine Primary AcademyOpen 
LincolnHartsholme AcademyOpen 
LincolnKingsdown Nursery SchoolOpen 
LincolnLeslie Manser Primary SchoolOpen 
LincolnManor Leas Infant SchoolOpen 
LincolnManor Leas Junior SchoolOpen 
LincolnMonks Abbey Primary SchoolOpen 
LincolnMount Street AcademyOpen 
LincolnOur Lady of Lincoln Catholic Primary SchoolOpen 
LincolnQueens Park SchoolOpen 
LincolnSt Christophers SchoolOpen 
LincolnSt Faith and St Martin CE Junior SchoolOpen 
LincolnSt Faiths CE Infant SchoolOpen 
LincolnSt Francis Special SchoolOpen 
LincolnSt Giles AcademyOpen 
LincolnSt Giles Nursery SchoolOpen 
LincolnSt Peter at Gowts CE Primary SchoolOpen 
LincolnSt Peter and St Paul Lincoln’s Catholic High School A Science CollegeOpen 
LincolnSt Peter In Eastgate CE Infants schoolOpen 
LincolnThe Acorn Free SchoolOpen 
LincolnThe Fortuna Primary SchoolOpen 
LincolnThe Lancaster SchoolOpen 
LincolnSpringwell Lincoln City AcademyOpen 
LincolnThe Meadows Primary SchoolOpen 
LincolnThe Saint Hugh’s Catholic Primary SchoolOpen 
LincolnThe Priory Academy LSSTOpen 
LincolnThe Priory City of Lincoln AcademyOpen 
LincolnThe Priory Witham Academy - PrimaryOpen 
LincolnThe Priory Witham Academy - SecondaryOpen 
LincolnThe Sincil SchoolOpen 
LincolnThe Sir Francis Hill Community Primary SchoolOpen 
LincolnWestgate AcademyOpen 
LincolnWitham St Hughs AcademyOpen 
LincolnWoodlands Infant and Nursery SchoolOpen 
LinconAll Saints CE Primary SchoolOpen 
Long BenningtonCE AcademyOpen 
Long SuttonPrimary SchoolOpen 
Long SuttonThe Peele SchoolOpen 
LouthCordeaux AcademyOpen 
LouthEastfield Infants and Nursery SchoolOpen 
LouthKidgate Primary School AcademyOpen 
LouthKing Edward VI Grammar SchoolOpen 
LouthLacey Gardens Junior SchoolOpen 
LouthLouth AcademyOpen 
LouthSt Bernards SchoolOpen 
LouthSt Michaels CE SchoolOpen 
LuttonSt Nicholas Primary SchoolOpen 
MablethorpeMonks’ Dyke Tennyson CollegeOpen 
MablethorpePrimary AcademyOpen 
MablethorpeThe Lincolnshire Teaching and Learning CentreOpen 
Mareham le FenCE Primary SchoolOpen 
Market DeepingCommunity Primary SchoolOpen 
Market DeepingWilliam Hildyard CE Primary SchoolOpen 
Market RasenCE Primary SchoolOpen 
Market RasenDe Aston AcademyOpen 
MarshchapelPrimary SchoolOpen 
MarstonThorolds Charity CE Primary SchoolOpen 
MartinMrs Mary Kings CE Primary SchoolOpen 
MartonPrimary SchoolOpen 
MetheringhamPrimary SchoolOpen 
Middle RasenPrimary SchoolOpen 
MortonCE Primary SchoolOpen 
MortonTrentside Primary SchoolOpen 
MoultonChapel Primary SchoolOpen 
MoultonThe John Harrox Primary SchoolOpen 
NavenbyCE Primary SchoolOpen 
NettlehamCE Voluntary Aided Junior SchoolOpen 
NettlehamInfant SchoolOpen 
NettletonCommunity Primary SchoolOpen 
New LeakePrimary SchoolOpen 
New YorkPrimary SchoolOpen 
Newton on TrentCE Primary SchoolOpen 
NoctonCommunity SchoolOpen 
Normanby by SpitalPrimary SchoolOpen 
North CockeringtonCE Primary SchoolOpen 
North CotesCE Primary SchoolOpen 
North HykehamAll Saints CE Primary SchoolOpen 
North HykehamFosse Way Primary AcademyOpen 
North HykehamLing Moor Primary AcademyOpen 
North HykehamNorth Kesteven AcademyOpen 
North HykehamRobert Pattinson AcademyOpen 
North ScarlePrimary SchoolOpen 
North SomercotesCE Primary SchoolOpen 
North SomercotesSomercotes AcademyOpen 
North ThoresbyPrimary SchoolOpen 
Old LeakeThe Giles AcademyOpen 
Old LeakePrimary and Nursery SchoolOpen 
OsbournbyPrimary SchoolOpen 
OsgodbyPrimary SchoolOpen 
PartneyCE Primary SchoolOpen 
PinchbeckEast CE Primary SchoolOpen 
PinchbeckSt Bartholomews CE Primary SchoolOpen 
PointonSt Gilbert of Sempringham CE Primary SchoolOpen 
PotterhanworthCE Primary SchoolOpen 
QuadringCowley and Browns Primary SchoolOpen 
RaucebyCE SchoolOpen 
ReephamCE Primary SchoolOpen 
RopsleyCE Primary SchoolOpen 
RuskingtonChestnut Street CE Primary SchoolOpen 
RuskingtonWinchelsea Primary SchoolOpen 
SaltfleetbyCE Primary SchoolOpen 
SaxilbyCE Primary SchoolOpen 
ScamblesbyCE Primary SchoolOpen 
ScamptonCE Primary SchoolOpen 
ScamptonPollyplatt Primary SchoolOpen 
ScothernEllison Boulters CE Primary AcademyOpen 
ScotterPrimary SchoolOpen 
Shepeau StowPrimary SchoolOpen 
SibseyFree Primary SchoolOpen 
SpaldingSpalding AcademyOpen 
SkegnessBeacon Primary AcademyOpen 
SkegnessGrammar SchoolOpen 
SkegnessInfant AcademyOpen 
SkegnessJunior AcademyOpen 
SkegnessSeathorne Primary SchoolOpen 
SkegnessThe Richmond SchoolOpen 
SkellingthorpeSt Lawrence CE Primary SchoolOpen 
SkellingthorpeThe Holt Primary SchoolOpen 
SleafordCarre’s Grammar School A Selective AcademyOpen 
SleafordChurch Lane Primary SchoolOpen 
SleafordKesteven and Sleaford Selective AcademyOpen 
SleafordOur Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Primary SchoolOpen 
SleafordSt Botolphs CE School QuarringtonOpen 
SleafordThe William Alvey CE SchoolOpen 
South HykehamSchoolOpen 
South RaucebyThe Ash Villa SchoolOpen 
South WithamSouth Witham AcademyOpen 
SpaldingGrammar SchoolOpen 
SpaldingHigh SchoolOpen 
SpaldingMonkshouse Primary SchoolOpen 
SpaldingParish CE Day SchoolOpen 
SpaldingPrimary SchoolOpen 
SpaldingSir John Gleed SchoolOpen 
SpaldingSt Norberts Catholic Primary SchoolOpen 
SpaldingSt John The Baptist CE Primary SchoolOpen 
SpaldingSt Pauls Community Primary SchoolOpen 
SpaldingThe Garth SchoolOpen 
SpaldingThe Priory SchoolOpen 
SpaldingWygate Park AcademyOpen 
SpilsbyPrimary AcademyOpen 
SpilsbyThe Eresby SchoolOpen 
SpilsbyThe King Edward VI AcademyOpen 
SpilsbyThe Lady Jane Franklin SchoolOpen 
SleafordSt Georges AcademyOpen 
StamfordSaint Georges CE Primary SchoolOpen 
StamfordSt Gilberts CE Primary SchoolOpen 
StamfordThe Bluecoat SchoolOpen 
StamfordThe Saint Augustine’s Catholic Primary SchoolOpen 
StamfordThe Malcolm Sargent Primary SchoolOpen 
StamfordWelland AcademyOpen 
StickneyCE Primary SchoolOpen 
StickneyWilliam Lovell Church of England SchoolOpen 
Sturton by StowPrimary SchoolOpen 
SurfleetSeas End Primary SchoolOpen 
SuttertonFourfields CE SchoolOpen 
Sutton BridgeWestmere Community Primary SchoolOpen 
Sutton on SeaCommunity Primary SchoolOpen 
SuttonSt James Community Primary SchoolOpen 
SwinderbyAll Saints CE Primary SchoolOpen 
SwinesheadSt Marys CE Primary SchoolOpen 
TattershallBarnes Wallis AcademyOpen 
TattershallHoly Trinity CE Primary SchoolOpen 
TetfordThe Edward Richardson Primary SchoolOpen 
TetneyPrimary SchoolOpen 
TattershallPrimary SchoolOpen 
Thorpe on the HillSt Michaels CE Primary SchoolOpen 
ThurlbyCommunity Primary SchoolOpen 
Toynton All SaintsPrimary SchoolOpen 
UffingtonCE Primary SchoolOpen 
UtterbyPrimary SchoolOpen 
WaddinghamPrimary SchoolOpen 
WaddingtonAll Saints Primary SchoolOpen 
WaddingtonRedwood Primary SchoolOpen 
WainfleetMagdalen CE Methodist SchoolOpen 
WalcottPrimary SchoolOpen 
WelbournCE Primary SchoolOpen 
WelbournSir William Robertson High SchoolOpen 
WeltonSt Marys CE Primary AcademyOpen 
WisbechTydd St Mary CE Primary SchoolOpen 
WestonHills CE Primary SchoolOpen 
WestonSt Mary CE Primary SchoolOpen 
WhaplodeCE Primary SchoolOpen 
WeltonWilliam Farr C of E Comprehensive School AcademyOpen 
WilloughbySt Helenas CE Primary SchoolOpen 
WilloughtonPrimary SchoolOpen 
WithernSt Margarets CE SchoolOpen 
Woodhall SpaSt Andrews CE Primary SchoolOpen 
WragbyPrimary SchoolOpen 
WranglePrimary SchoolOpen 
WrangleThe Giles AcademyOpen 
WybertonPrimary SchoolOpen 

Children’s Centres

Please note: ALL Children’s Centres will be closed Friday 2 March 2018 due to ongoing weather conditions.

BostonCarlton RoadOpen 
BostonFishtoft RoadOpen 
BostonOld LeakeOpen 
BostonSt ChristophersOpen 
Caythorpe and AncasterCaythorpe and AncasterOpen 
Cherry WillinghamCherry WillinghamOpen 
GainsboroughNorth MarshOpen 
GainsboroughMarket ArcadeOpen 
Holton le ClayHolton le ClayOpen 
LincolnNorth HykehamOpen 
LincolnSt GilesOpen 
LincolnWitham Family CentreOpen 
Market DeepingMarket DeepingOpen 
Market RasenMarket RasenOpen 
South WithamSouth WithamOpen 
Sturton by StowSturton by StowOpen 
Sutton BridgeSutton BridgeOpen 
Witham St HughsWitham St HughsOpen 

Collect Your School Offer Online

The online admissions system is available to Lincolnshire parents who have applied online for a Reception Junior or Year 7 place.

1 March 2018 for Secondary school offers

16 April 2018 for Primary or Junior offers


Apply Online for a School Place

Apply for a mid-year school place


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