How we buy goods and services

How you become one of our suppliers will depend on the value and type of contract:

  • For transactions up to £5,000, the purchasing member of staff will select an appropriate supplier.
  • For transactions between £5,001 and £15,000, we will seek at least three written quotations.
  • For transactions between £15,001 and EU thresholds, we will seek at least four written quotations.
  • For transactions over EU thresholds, we will seek formal tender process. The thresholds are:
    • £181,302 for services/supplies
    • £589,148 for social care, health and other specified services
    • £4,551,413 for works

How we may advertise

You must register with us if you wish to provide a quote on a contract:

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We also buy commonly-used goods and services through Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO).

Find out how to become an ESPO supplier.