Send an invoice

How to invoice us

All invoices sent to us must include:

  • a valid purchase order number
  • your supplier ID number, which you can find on your purchase order
  • an invoice date
  • an invoice number
  • a total amount payable, plus VAT if applicable
  • the word ‘invoice’ clearly visible
  • your full name and address

If you have multiple purchase orders, you must use separate invoices. You must send each one to us as a separate file.

You can download a supplier guide and invoice templates

Where to send your invoice

To have your invoice processed as quickly as possible, email [email protected].

Your email must have:

  • the word ‘Invoice’ in the subject field
  • the invoice attached as a PDF or TIFF
  • separate invoices each uniquely named, if applicable

If you do not include a valid purchase order number, we will return the invoice to you. This will likely delay the payment.

We only accept handwritten invoices if agreed in advance.

Purchase orders

A purchase order outlines the exact goods and/or services we want you to provide.

All purchase orders contain:

  • a purchase order number
  • description of goods or services
  • delivery address
  • delivery contact details

Once you have received a standard purchase order from us by email, you can send us an invoice.

If the description on the purchase order is not correct, do not supply us.

If you do not have a valid purchase order number:

For more information about purchase orders, read our terms and conditions.