Join the energy switch scheme

The Lincolnshire Energy Switch scheme lets communities get cheaper gas and electric through an auction process.

The more people who register before each auction, the bigger the potential savings.

Register for the energy switch scheme

You must pre-register your details before the next auction. You will receive an email when the scheme reopens.

To register your interest, you must provide:

  • your contact details
  • your annual energy statement or latest bills
  • details of your current provider and tariff
  • your payment details

At the end of the registration period, an auction with energy suppliers begins. This aims to find out which offers the best price.

You will then receive an email with your personal offer. You do not have to switch if you do not like the offer.

You should take exit fees and any payment discounts into account when considering a switch.

You must register your details before each auction, even if you have registered before.

If you use heating oil, you can join the Community Lincs oil-buying scheme.