Report a cold caller

We advise you not to buy goods or services from unexpected doorstep sellers, known as cold callers. These are often high-pressure sales people or rogue traders.

To report a cold-calling incident, you must contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service.

It will then refer all relevant reports to our Trading Standards team.

Report a cold caller

If a cold caller is at your door, call 0808 2231133 for advice. If you feel unsafe, call 101.

No cold-calling zones

We work with the police to set up no cold-calling zones in Lincolnshire. There are currently more than 700 across the county.

The aim is to discourage rogue traders from targeting vulnerable and elderly residents.

It is not illegal for traders to cold call within these zones. However, people are encouraged to ask a salesperson to leave if they are not interested.

If they fail to leave as requested, they are committing an offence.

For advice about no cold-calling zones, call Citizen’s Advice Consumer Service on 0808 2231133.

Avoid being caught out by cold-callers

  • Keep your front and back doors secure at all times.
  • If someone comes to your door, observe this code:
    - Stop: Are you expecting anybody? Do they have an appointment?
    - Chain: Secure the door bar or chain before opening the door.
    - Check: Ask for and double-check the caller’s ID.
  • If they offer to do work on your property say “No, thanks” and shut the door.
  • Do not keep large sums of money at home.