Apply to switch off or modify permanent traffic signals

If you require a switch off or modification of traffic signal equipment, you should make an application via the below form.

Before you apply, please read the terms and conditions, which include an estimated cost for your application.

For planned works, seven days’ notice is required. Please note that we can only attend site between 6am and 10pm.

Apply to switch off or modify permanent traffic signals

Terms and conditions


  • Traffic management must be placed in accordance with Safety at Street Works and Road Works – A Code of Practice (the Red Book) and Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual.
  • Temporary or portable traffic signals must be placed in accordance with the Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management – Guidance on the use of portable traffic signals.
  • Promoters must comply with all conditions of approval, unless the Highway Authority agrees specific variations with the promoter.
  • Permanent traffic signals must not be modified, adapted or have alteration made in the controller by any third party at any time.
  • Traffic management must not be sited without prior approval.
  • The applicant must notify the Highway Authority of any changes as soon as possible and, at all times, within 2 hours via the contact details provided on the application approval.
  • Any changes to a formally authorised application must be agreed by the Highway Authority via an application amendment. A new application will be required for significant changes.
  • Temporary traffic management must not be removed until the permanent signals are switched back on.
  • Should a works promoter be found to persistently not comply with the terms and conditions set, the Highway Authority reserves the right to prevent future applications from the organisations involved.


  • The approximate costs for attending a signal switch off is:
    • Standard weekdays 07:30-18:00hrs - £550.00 per one off/on visit
    • Out of hours 18:00-07:30hrs and weekends - £650.00 per one off/on visit
    • Bank holidays - £750.00 per one off/visit  
  • The Highway Authority will recharge reasonable costs incurred, including where we have attended site as a result of an application and the applicant has failed to attend or is late.

Liaison with other organisations

  • The promoter is responsible for initial arrangements with other affected organisations such as:
    • affected residents/businesses
    • public transport operators
    • emergency services
    • adjoining highway authorities
    • traffic control centres


Relevant reference material is shown in:

  • the Traffic Signals Regulations and General Directions 2016 (the TSRGD)
  • Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 Part 2
  • Safety at Street Works and Road Works – A Code of Practice (the Red Book)
  • ARTSM Guidance on the use of portable traffic signals (Edition 1, 2023)

The authority may consider applications by promoters to operate a system of general prior approval for the exceptional circumstances permitted by Direction 53(2).

Although placement of portable traffic signals for the following categories of work require formal authorisation, these applications will follow an agreed "fast-track" process: 

  • emergency
  • urgent
  • special cases of urgent and remedial dangerous

Full retrospective applications for formal authorisation for any fast-track applications must be received by the highway authority:

  • within two hours of works starting, or
  • by 10am the next working day if the works started out of hours (outside 8am to 4.30pm)