Apply for a temporary traffic restriction

How to apply

We can temporarily close or divert roads to allow for maintenance or emergencies.

You must give us at least 10 weeks' notice of the restriction required. You must agree to meet the full costs.

We publish all planned closures as notices in local newspapers. We also send letters to district and parish councils, emergency services and bus companies.

Apply for a temporary traffic restriction

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Temporary traffic restriction terms and conditions

  1. We require a minimum of 10 weeks' notice for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order.
  2. We will not grant Emergency Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders for any form of pre-planned works.  We will only grant an emergency Order if there is an immediate risk of danger to the public or serious damage to the highway.
  3. The completion and submitting of the application does not, in any way, guarantee that Lincolnshire County Council will proceed with the application or that a temporary restriction will be granted under the relevant powers.
  4. You must include a computer prepared traffic management or signage plan with this application or we will refuse the application.
  5. You must erect advanced signs detailing dates and times of restriction no less than seven days prior to start date.
  6. You must carry out an information letter drop to all affected residents and businesses and liaise with affected bus companies two weeks prior to start date.
  7. You must maintain access for emergency services and properties and businesses on the affected road(s) at all times. You must take adequate precautions to protect all persons whose use of the highway is reasonably foreseeable.  You must provide a safe and adequate route over the entire length of the restricted section of highway for use by pedestrians. You should give particular consideration to wheelchair users, people with visual impairments and those with other health conditions who may be affected by the works.
  8. You must erect and maintain traffic warning signs for the restriction (or roadworks being carried out in connection with the restriction). You are responsible for the provision, operation and maintenance of all traffic signs, diversion signs, lighting and guarding of the works. All signs must  be reflectorised and comply with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002.  They must be set out to the standards indicated in the following documents: Department of Transport Traffic Signs Manual - Chapter 8, Traffic Safety Measures and Signs for Roadworks and Temporary Situations, New Roads and Street Works Act 1991, Safety at Street Works and Road Works Code of Practice. The Supervisor of the works must be qualified as required under Section 67 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. Failure to comply with relevant legislation may result in fixed penalty notices or prosecution by Lincolnshire County Council. You are responsible for all reasonable costs incurred by Lincolnshire County Council in rectifying any signposting failure.
  9. You must erect safety barriers and amber lamps (during official lighting up times) at all excavations or obstructions.
  10. Where, by reason of your works, movement of traffic on a highway is restricted or prohibited and such traffic has to use an alternative route of lower classification, you shall pay Lincolnshire County Council any cost reasonably incurred of making good damage caused to the highway by diverted traffic.  In such cases there will be a joint inspection of the alternative route(s) to note and agree the condition of each route before the diversion of traffic takes place.
  11. You must provide at least one week's notice before expiry of the restriction, if an extension period is required.  (Six weeks notice is required for PROW extensions).
  12. You must inform Lincolnshire County Council (within two hours) if a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order on a gritting route is removed early.  This is to ensure that liability for gritting the carriageway can be reverted to the Highway Authority.  Failure to inform Lincolnshire County Council could result in you being held liable for any incidents occurring as a result of non-notification.
  13. You must adhere to any instruction issued by Lincolnshire County Council.
  14. A fee based on the rates below is payable to Lincolnshire County Council.  By completing and submitting this online application you agree to pay the costs incurred by Lincolnshire County Council in accordance with the scale of charges and all advertising costs. We will issue either a link to pay online or an invoice once the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order has been processed.  Advertising charges are subject to the publication used, therefore the final charge may differ slightly to the figures shown below.
Type of order Cost
TTRO less than five days duration £805 (including advertising costs)
TTRO greater than five days duration £880 (including advertising costs)
Emergency TTRO £515 (no advertising)
Amendment, cancellation or extension £570 (no advertising)