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Council Services:

Grass verges and cutting

The county council maintains around 12,000 miles of grass verges alongside adopted roads and footpaths.

  • We cut the grass twice a year, between April and October, to a width of 1m either side of the road and footpath.
  • At junctions and some bends, we cut verges to the highway boundary to improve visibility.
  • In some areas, district, parish or town councils may carry out additional cuts at their own discretion.

You can report overgrown grass and hedges but we only fix issues which pose a risk to public safety.


Alternatively, call 01522 782070 or email

Cutting grass verges yourself

Residents and businesses who wish to cut grass verges outside their own properties should:

  • pick a quiet time when there is less traffic
  • wear a high-vis jacket and face oncoming traffic when at the edge of the road
  • check for utility covers, hidden holes and loose stones
  • stop mowing when people are passing
  • not cut grass when it’s wet, if it’s raining or visibility is poor
  • not use strimmers
  • mow across with a push mower, if the site is sloping, but up and down with a ride-on mower

You must dispose of any grass cuttings in an appropriate manner.

The council cannot accept any liability for issues which occur if you choose to cut grass yourself. Residents may have personal liability cover as part of their personal insurance policies.

Grass verges not maintained by Lincolnshire County Council

  • We don’t cut grass on privately-owned land or on developments that have not yet been adopted.
  • We don’t cut grass in parks and other open spaces. This may be your district or parish council.

We work closely with landowners, farmers, developers and quarry operators to ensure they address any safety concerns that are their responsibility. The county council has powers under the Highways Act to force them to trim hedges and trees, if required.

We work with the Wildlife Trust so that our maintenance helps them to attain the objectives of preserving and enhancing the botanical diversity of the ground flora at specific sites. A one-off cut is carried out at these locations in October when the plants have seeded and died back.


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Highway defects

Discovered highway defects such as potholes, lighting, flooding, signage, obstructed roads?


Constructing a dropped kerb

Request permission to construct a dropped kerb/vehicular crossing to an existing property.


Get in touch

General enquiries for highways, transport and environmental services.


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Last updated: 21 March 2018

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