Apply for a dropped kerb or vehicle access crossing

What you will need

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To complete this form, you must have:

  • funding evidence (when application made by district council or local housing authority)
  • freeholder's written permission (if you are not the property freeholder)
  • a digital copy of a site plan showing the location of the crossover
  • drainage board proof of consent (if crossover affects existing ditch or watercourse)
  • contact details of the traffic management company
  • contact details of the contractor who will carry out the works, including a copy of their public liability insurance.
  • a copy of each operative's NRSWA accreditation.

If the property with the proposed new access is on an A, B or C road or the driveway made of a non-porous material such as concrete or tarmac, you will need your planning permission reference number and digital copies of your supporting documentation.

We advise you to prepare these in advance. You only have 20 minutes to complete each page. 

Applications must not be submitted with proposed start dates within the next 21 days, or with start dates more than 90 days in advance.