FAB! Awards 2024

The awards event for children in care and care leavers from Lincolnshire local authority

Fantastic Amazing Brilliant! – the annual awards event for Children in Care and Care Leavers. Give someone a boost by nominating them for an award.

Who can nominate for an award?

Anyone who works with or knows the individual can nominate them for an award. You can nominate more than individual child in care and or care leaver, but not for more than one category. You can nominate up to 5 people on this form. You can open a new form to nominate more children/young people.

Nominating someone for an award?

The online form closes on 19 April. The nominee will receive an invitation letter with the reason for their nomination. Please make the reason for your nomination clear and detailed.

Children in Care Award categories

FAB! Participating

  • getting involved in and playing an active part in things like ePEP and reviews
  • volunteering and doing something for friends, family, school or community
  • making life better for others in some way

FAB! Persevering

  • keep going even when life is tough
  • showing resilience and determination

This category recognises the efforts to get on and get along with others. Including working at building and developing relationships and overcoming emotional challenges.

FAB! Creating

  • art
  • music
  • craft
  • drama
  • dance and others

FAB! Achieving

Doing well in education (including any marked improvements) or in everyday life.

Care Leaver Award categories

Education, Training, Employment

Doing well (or marked improvements) in studies, training or place of work

Life Skills

Showing maturity and improvements in independent living skills including:

  • managing a budget
  • self-care skills
  • cooking
  • accessing services
  • making important decisions

Personal Achievement

Achieving personal goals and targets or positive steps in outlook, direction and choices.

Educational Endeavour

Efforts to get on and achieve in further and higher education.