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Young Inspectors Programme

Have you ever used a service for young people and thought that you could improve it? Would you like to voice your views and ideas but are unsure how to get them heard or acted on? How about becoming a Young Inspector and helping make sure that young people’s views and opinions are heard on the services they use?

The Young Inspectors Programme gives young people, positive opportunities and support to become active volunteers. Lincolnshire County Council values the views of Young People and encourage inspections of their services. Our Young Inspectors help to improve the services offered by the County Council. Young Inspectors make changes that benefit other young people, children and families.

Becoming a Young Inspector

To be a Young Inspector you must be aged 11-19 years, or up to 25 if you have a disability. Every 6 weeks there’s a meeting in in Lincoln, Grantham, Mablethorpe and Boston. There are more meetings during the holidays. You don’t have to come to every meeting but we’d like you to attend as many as you can.

You will be asked to do a minimum of one inspection every 6 months once you have finshed your training, but you can do more if you want too. You will be given a hoodie pull on or zip up and a t-shirt. No other dress code just need to be clean and tidy when you go out on inspection visits.

Transport is provided to training sessions, meetings and inspections.You usually go out in teams of two or three for each inspection visit, one of the Young Inspectors workers will go with you for additional support. Being a Young Inspector shouldn’t cost you any money at all


Before each inspection  visit we will meet up with you to talk about the type of service we will be inspecting. You will also be sent a task sheet with further details on, this tells you: date, time, place, who is going with you and what we will be looking at. You will take photos. You will need to make clear notes or work with someone who can make notes. You will talk to staff, families and children. Share information with other young inspectors and staff. Write reports if you want to. Take notes at meetings to share with the rest of the group.

Learn new skills, grow in confidence, have fun and enjoy your time with the project.

Types of inspections

  • Mystery - Young people pretending to do an activity or go to the place to ask for something when secretly they are inspecting.
  • Observation - People know you are coming to look at what they do. You might look at a building, information boards, how people work etc.
  • Questionnaire - These are usually sent out and don’t meet the people. It is a good way of asking lots of people to give you information.
  • Focus groups - Talking to a small group of people, asking direct questions usually use flip chart to record what people say.

You should never be asked to do something you are not comfortable with. If you have any problems you speak to one of the Young Inspectors’ Workers straightaway.

What I enjoy most about working with Young Inspectors is that we help other people be better for their communities. We fundraise for charities that need help and meet new friends. The project has also improved myconfidence. Once we finish doing an inspection or a visit, if the community has improved we go on a reward trip for all the hard work we have done”- Chloe, Lincolnshire Young Inspector.

Examples of past inspections and other activities

  • Attending a professional judgement conference at Lincoln University
  • Consultation on leaflets and information sent out to children and young people from a range of different service areas
  • Consultation with young people on a child protection plan
  • County wide inspections of child protection venues.
  • London residential reward trip
  • Making a promotional DVD
  • Planning and taking part in fund raising activities including foodbank fundraising activity
  • Presentation for other children and young people on child sexual exploitation
  • Project around what every child deserves to have experienced top 50 list
  • Quality and assurance review of child protection venues
  • Supporting targeted youth summer activity days
  • Training days and and training residential

Please email us if you’d like to find out more about being a Young Inspector.

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If you have a safeguarding concern about yourself or another child call:

  • Normal working hours 01522 782111
  • Out-of-hours emergencies 01522 782333

lincs Safeguarding Children Board

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Last updated: 21 March 2018

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