Social care support

Contacting adult social care

Social Care can support adults of all ages, disabilities and backgrounds. Enabling them to live happy and fulfilling lives, mainly through support at home and in the community.

Most people in Lincolnshire are able to remain living independently in their own homes, without the need for support from social care.

However, if you have tried ways to stay independent and still think you need further support, the first step would be to contact us for a conversation.

During this conversation, an adviser from the Customer Service Centre will explore what is important to you. Including:

  • your strengths
  • what you can do for yourself
  • what help and support is around you
  • where you have difficulties
  • what outcomes you want to achieve

The adviser will work with you to identify the best options for you. This could be accessing community based support, some equipment or referring you for a more in-depth conversation with one of our adult social care teams.

If a further conversation is required, one of our team will contact you to discuss your situation and any next steps if they are required.

If you are contacting us on behalf of someone else, then whenever possible you should make sure that they are aware of your call and that they are happy for you to discuss their situation.

To speak to one of our advisers please call 01522 782155.

Please note that social care is not free for all and there might be a charge for any support you receive.

The amount you pay will depend on the type of support and your financial situation (including the amount you have in savings and your income).

If adult social care is the right option for you, a financial assessment will be undertaken to determine the amount you should pay.