Register a birth

Before registering

If you are a Lincolnshire resident or your baby was born in Lincolnshire, you must book an appointment to register the birth, which can be at any registration office in Lincolnshire.

Who can register a birth

  • Parents who are married or in a registered civil partnership with each other at the time of the birth - the mother, father, or second parent can register the birth. 
  • Parents not in a marriage or a registered civil partnership together - the father or second parent must attend the appointment with the mother for their details to be included on the registration. No father or second parent's details will be recorded if the mother attends alone.
  • Two female parents not in a marriage or registered civil partnership together must attend the appointment and meet the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act requirements if the second female details are to be included in the registration. No second female parent details will be recorded if the mother attends alone.

Information you need when registering a birth

  • Place and date of the birth
  • Forenames and surname you have chosen for the child
  • Sex of the child
  • Parents' names, surnames and addresses (including any former names)
  • Places and dates of parents' birth
  • Date of parents' marriage or civil partnership (if applicable)
  • Parents' occupations
  • Mother's maiden surname (if applicable).

What you should take

Please bring your 'Red Book' or any birth paperwork from the hospital or midwife.

It would also be helpful to bring the following:

  • Your passport or birth certificate
  • Proof of your current address
  • Proof of any former name or names (for example, change of name deed or marriage/civil partnership certificate)
  • Birth certificate of any previous children
  • Your marriage or civil partnership certificate, where applicable.

Note that you are not legally required to produce these documents, but if you do, they can help to ensure your child's birth is correctly registered.

Please bring someone who can translate if you need help speaking or understanding English.

You are not required to bring your baby to the appointment.