Working in childcare

High quality childcare plays a pivotal role providing the opportunity for the best start in life for all children and central to this is the childcare workforce. Working in the childcare sector can be an extremely rewarding career choice. As a dedicated childcare worker, you are fundamental to children’s growth and development providing them with education, experiences and care, an essential part in helping children fulfil their potential.

Becoming a childminder

Childminders work from their own homes providing care and education to other people’s children. They are self-employed, registered with Ofsted and run their businesses around their own family commitments. If you are interested in becoming a childminder, you may be entitled to start up grant to support the costs of you registering and growing your business. Please watch our short film where we hear from one of Lincolnshire’s childminders about their typical day.

For more information on becoming a childminder :

To access a free pre-registration information briefing, email:

Routes into childcare

There are many routes you may take to start your career in childcare, you may be joining the sector straight from school or looking to join later in life. You may want to join as an apprentice or go to university first, which ever way the information below will help you in finding your route.

Men in childcare

In a female dominated workforce men are vastly underrepresented yet having a diverse staff team can be hugely beneficial to children, breaking down stereotypes and helping children understand that gender has nothing to do with what you want to achieve in life. In our short film we meet 3 men who work in the childcare workforce in Lincolnshire.

If you feel that a career in childcare is the right choice for you, take a look at our routes into childcare section.


Play work refers to the skilled profession that provides enriching play spaces for children of school age. Usually employed within an afterschool and or holiday club, a playworker is an essential part of the childcare workforce, supporting children with their transition to and from school every day. You do not need any formal qualification to become a playworker, just a love of children. However, there are formal qualifications you can take to enhance your knowledge and skills. 

Skills needed:

  • Excellent listening skills and a responsible and caring attitude
  • Patience and tolerance
  • Creativity
  • Have organisational skills
  • The ability to work well as part of a team
  • Be able to take responsibility

In our short video we meet play workers in Lincolnshire.

For more information about playwork - Out of School Alliance

Find a job in childcare with LCC – search the LCC jobs page for playworker roles within Lincolnshire schools

Change in career to childcare

Not everyone starts their childcare career straight from school, often life changes and you may want or need to take your career in a different direction.  In this short film we hear from 5 people who did just that and never looked back.

If you would like to explore a new career in childcare, take a look at the routes into childcare section.