Fixed penalty notices - code of conduct

Effect of penalty notice being issued

The penalty notice is presumed to be served on the parent to whom it is sent on the second working day after it was posted.

If a parent pays the penalty notice within 21 days from the date it is served the sum due from the parent to discharge the penalty notice is £60.

The parent can still pay the notice after 21 days but the payment increases to £120. This must be paid before 28 days have passed from the date of service.

If a parent pays the amount due within the times set out above then no further action will be taken against that parent for the offence on the date(s) set out in the penalty notice.

Once a penalty notice has been issued no prosecution for the non­-attendance detailed in the penalty notice can be brought against the parent until the payment period of 28 days has passed and the fixed penalty has not been paid.

All payments must be made to the LA.