Register a death

By law, a death must be registered in person at a Register Office within five days. This may be longer if the death has been referred to a coroner.

Book an appointment

Find out who can register a death, what information you will be required to provide, and what documents you will need to bring.

The hospital/surgery must send the medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD) to our office before you book an appointment. 

If the death has been referred to the Coroner registration will have to be delayed until the cause of death has been confirmed.

Make an appointment to register a death by calling the Council's Customer Service Centre on 01522 782244. 

Once the registration is complete, we will give you:

  • any death certificate(s) you wish to purchase. 
  • the Tell Us Once instructions, plus the reference number which you will need
  • a form BD8 for you to send to the Department of Social Security

Registering a death that occurred outside of Lincolnshire

If the death did not occur in Lincolnshire, you can still book an appointment with us. We will send the details to the office where the death occurred.  

We must contact that registration district to obtain the MCCD before the appointment can go ahead.  

After the appointment, all details will be sent to the registration office where the death occurred, and they will send documentation to you.

Registering a death that occurred in Lincolnshire from outside of Lincolnshire

If you wish to register a Lincolnshire death outside of Lincolnshire, you will need to make an appointment with your local registration office.   

They will contact us for the MCCD and following your appointment with them the information will be sent to Lincolnshire. We can then register the death and scan the ‘green form’ to your chosen funeral director.  

You will then be able to purchase certificates online.

Find out what to do if someone dies abroad.

Tell Us Once

The Tell Us Once service lets you report a death to a number of government organisations in one go. Your registrar will advise you about this at your appointment.

You have 28 days to use this service after registering the death.


If the death occurred in Lincolnshire, you can buy death certificates (currently £11 each) at your appointment.

If you want a certificate later, you must order one online or by post.


For any correction requested to a death registration following the appointment, there will be a non-refundable fee of £75 (local correction) or £90 (General Register Office correction).