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Background and overview

Supercharging communities across the whole of Greater Lincolnshire

The legislative basis for the deal comes from the 2022 Levelling Up White Paper.

This key Government policy makes clear the case for devolution “as the engine room of improved productivity” and reduced regional disparities. The intent is to strengthen local leadership to act more flexibly and innovatively to respond to local need and priorities.

Government provided a menu of options available to unlock the benefits of devolution, with the most comprehensive package being a Level 3 deal. This brings with it the most local accountability, placing a significant emphasis on the importance of high profile, directly elected leadership, strong local governance, and joint working across sensible and coherent economic geographies.

These powers, funding and responsibilities, which would be new to Greater Lincolnshire, and would be managed through a Mayoral Combined County Authority (MCCA). This body would be made up of representatives – both officers and members – from the three councils and led by a directly-elected Mayor.

This devolution deal is just the first step in strengthening Greater Lincolnshire’s voice and accessing even more money and more power for local communities .

Quickfire Devolution Information

  • Devolution is the transfer of powers and funding from national government to local communities.
  • Devolution will enable the creation of more, better-paid jobs.
  • Devolution will enable better investment in roads, skills and broadband.
  • Devolution is important for everyone who lives in, works in or visits Greater Lincolnshire.
  • Devolution will supercharge prosperity across Greater Lincolnshire through giving more power, more money and a greater say to local communities.
  • Devolution will mean better outcomes for Greater Lincolnshire and its many communities.