Our proposal

Our proposal delivers for Greater Lincolnshire

More money, more say, better results for Greater Lincolnshire 

Investing in Greater Lincolnshire 

  • £24 million per annum for 30 years to invest in infrastructure and skills development totalling £720m. 
  • Multi year transport budget with greater flexibility to spend the money on local priorities. 
  • Funding for adult education to prioritise spending on the needs of people and businesses rather than national priorities. 
  • One off £28.4m capital investment in Greater Lincolnshire’s priorities. 

A stronger voice for our area 

  • A new Mayor, elected by residents to champion the needs of the area and to make a strong case to the Government for more investment and to pilot new ideas in Greater Lincolnshire. 
  • A Combined County Authority providing local accountability, transparency and capacity to use key growth levers such as transport, skills and economic development. 
  • Enhanced working relationships with government departments to protect our coastline, natural and historic environment and boost tourism. 
  • A new role leading the national debate on transport for rural communities to address challenges across ours and other areas. 

Turbo charging business growth 

  • Long term funding of the infrastructure that key local business needs to grow and create jobs. 
  • Identify and agree key route network to speed up the movement of goods and passengers through and around Greater Lincolnshire. 
  • Government, research and industry brought together to boost business innovation that leads to more high skill high wage jobs. 
  • A new approach to managing water that supports local business needs and protects communities and business from flooding. 

Delivering our potential – Humber to Wash 

  • Decarbonise the UK’s largest industrial estuary and deliver green jobs across Greater Lincolnshire in carbon capture and storage, nuclear fusion, water management and energy distribution 
  • National recognition for the UK Food Valley supporting a new generation of high skill jobs and businesses across the food chain. 
  • Maximising the potential of the Humber Freeport to create jobs. 
  • Improved transport links across Greater Lincolnshire and provide a trade corridor to the East Midlands freeport and beyond. 

High quality skills and jobs 

  • Careers support that showcases the great opportunities in Greater Lincolnshire and helps people to get a high skill high wage job here. 
  • Training in higher-level skills delivered in Greater Lincolnshire to boost access to high wage jobs in our growth sectors. 
  • The adult education budget invested in courses that help people to achieve a fulfilling future and deliver the skills that our local businesses need to innovate and expand. 
  • Provide extra help to those young people that need it the most, including help for care leavers to get a job. 

Unlocking housing through enhanced infrastructure 

  • Investing in high quality homes, locations and services to retain a younger workforce and support those in later life. 
  • Investment from Homes England to bring forward the necessary infrastructure to meet the needs of local communities. 
  • Supporting regeneration of areas, providing sustainable and affordable housing solutions for our future workforce. 
  • A single Local Transport Authority to develop public transport improvements that connect people with homes, work, leisure and learning.