Boston Registration Office

Image of Boston registration office

Built in 1904, the Chamber and the majority of the furniture remains  unchanged. The fireplace and the high backed chairs have the Borough Council coat of arms carved into them. (The dais where the Mayor sits for Council meetings is a relatively new addition).

The flags in the Chamber relate to Boston's historical connections with Boston Massachusetts, Australia and the RAF.  The Union flag is also present.

The stained glass windows depict scenes from Boston's history:

  • the three coronets represent three major landowners in Boston at the time the Borough was incorporated - Duke of Richmond, Duke of Suffolk and Duke of Brittany
  • the ship relates to Boston being part of the Hanseatic league
  • the ram and woolsack represent Boston being a major wool trading town in the middle ages
  • the large window behind the Mayor's chair shows the original Borough Council coat of arms which were conferred by Henry VIII in 1545

Besides births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships, Lincolnshire Registration and Celebratory Services also offer renewal of vows, naming, civil funerals and other ceremonies.


Boston Borough Council Offices
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